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The physics teacher network has been established to provide support for physics teachers across the whole of Great Britain and Ireland.

The IOP in Scotland run two major CPD events for physics teachers:

  • The Stirling Physics Teachers Meeting is the must attend event of the year and is usually held on the first Wednesday in June
  • The Physics Summer School takes place over four days in May and is a residential event with high quality physics education professional development
  • An annual event to promote the uptake of physics and engineering by girls is held at George Watson's College in Edinburgh. For further information, contact Gail Millar gailemillar@gmail.com

There are currently 27 regional network co-ordinators in the UK and Ireland and we are in the process of recruiting seven more. These co-ordinators organise and co-ordinate local group activities and INSET, and help to forge better links between school sectors, and between schools and higher education. They also act as a source of information about local initiatives and activities, and generally provide help and advice in response to requests.

IOP Teachers Night at the University of Aberdeen

IOP Teachers Night at the University of Aberdeen

On 22 November, teachers from Aberdeen schools met at the University of Aberdeen for a series of talks and demonstrations by current PhD students: James Reid (Local Organiser), Christina McLeman, Fiona Harden and Jens Karschau. 

Participants enjoyed talks on quantum gravity, dynamical systems, mathematical biology and biophysics before taking a tour of Aberdeen's laboratory facilities. 

It is hoped that the event - and subsequent follow-up meetings - will encourage further discussion between local teachers and university staff. Additional sessions are being organised with a view to identify how university expertise may be best used to assist classroom physics in the North East of Scotland.

For more information, contact:
James Reid
Email: j.a.reid@abdn.ac.uk

Girls at George Watson’s College Edinburgh

Girls into physics and engineering

Wednesday 31 October saw the fourth annual event held at George Watson’s College Edinburgh, to promote the uptake of Physics and Engineering by girls. Read more...

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