Eighth Lunchtime Rendezvous of the Seniors Group in Glasgow

The Lunchtime Rendezvous at the University of Glasgow on Tuesday the 25th of January 2011 had a full capacity attendance of 24 Members and guests in the Melville Room.

Seniors event

This event was fully booked one month beforehand. The lecture The Contribution of Physics to Healthcare Today: Innovation or Regulation? was given by one of our own Senior Members, Professor David J. Wyper, formerly Professor of Clinical Physics, Department of Clinical Physics, University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

Professor Wyper gave an interesting account of some of the currently imaging techniques used in Scotland such as MRI, CT, PET and Doppler Flow Ultrasound. The clarity and spatial resolution of many of the images shown was spectacular. Professor Wyper stated that the best way forward for physicists in this area was to collaborate with hospital officials and with their colleagues in relevant related disciplines such as medicine, biology and chemistry.

Dr Erma Hermens, Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Lecturer in Technical Art History, School for Culture and Creative Arts, University of Glasgow, Scotland presented the lecture The Masters’ Secrets Revealed. This lecture involved a fascinating visual presentation of Technical Art History, a recently emerging interdisciplinary research area linking art historians, conservators and conservation scientists. 

Examples of investigations were presented which demonstrated the most recent developments in interdisciplinary scientific research, such as multi spectral imaging, scientific analyses of paint samples using scanning electron microscopy and other techniques, stable isotope analysis to establish the origin of lead containing pigments, and the use of the synchrotron.

An informative guided tour of the Interfaith Chapel by Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, Chaplain to the University, was then followed by a delicious four course seated lunch with wine and waitress service.

The next Lunchtime Rendezvous will be at the Clubhouse, Daniel Stewart’s and Melville College, Inverleith Playing Fields, 525 Ferry Road, Edinburgh on Wednesday the 16 March 2011. In addition, a booking has already been made for a Lunchtime Rendezvous at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, Shiprow, Aberdeen on Friday the 28 October 2011.

Full details, including booking forms, menus and prices will be published under the Seniors’ Section heading on our IOP Scotland website and will also be sent by e-mail to all Senior Members who have an e-mail address and by mail to those without an e-mail address in the Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow areas.

Detail of the March 16 event can be found here.

Suggestions for lecture topics and speakers for the Lunchtime Rendezvous of the Seniors Group are always welcome.

For further information, please contact:

Dr John Higinbotham, CPhys, FInstP, FAIP
Seniors Group Coordinator
The Institute of Physics in Scotland
E-mail: john.higinbotham@physics.org