IOP in Scotland education committee

The IOP education committee for Scotland is a sub-committee of the education board and has a formal reporting channel via the board to council.

The chair of the committee is a member of the education board and the committee advises the education board in the areas of education and higher education at school, college and university level in Scotland. The committee takes specific responsibility for monitoring the Institute’s programmes of activity relating to education and, where appropriate, advising the education board.

Members of the IOP Education Committee for Scotland 2017/18

Martin Hendry (Chair)
Jo Frater (Member)
David Cornwall (Member)
Kenneth Hodge (Member)
Drew Burrett (Member)
Gail Millar (Member)
Sonja Franke-Arnold (Member)
Chris Gray (Member)
Laura Thomas (Member)
Gregor Steele (Member)
Des Gibson (Member)
Graeme Malcolm (Member)
Heather MacDonald (Member)


Education Manager ScotlandStuart FarmerIn Attendance
National Officer for ScotlandAlison McLureIn Attendance
TNC Leader in ScotlandRonna MontgomeryIn Attendance
Education ManagerCharles TraceyIn Attendance
Chair of IOPS CommitteeStuart FarmerEx Officio
Chair of EducationCarol DavenportEx Officio

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